Carolina McGarity ‘16.5

McGarity PictureCarolina graduated as a Feb at the start of 2017 with a degree in Art History and a French minor. She began work as a Digital Media Tutor in the summer of 2016 and was intrigued by the versatility and creativity of digital media, and looked forward to gaining in-depth familiarity with the Adobe Creative Suite and website work in general. She enjoys the wide applicability of digital media to her diverse academic interests, as well as to the various Middlebury departments. In particular, she enjoys connecting digital media with art history, using creativity to make art more accessible and enjoyable to viewers. She greatly enjoyed working on her first project, a short film of her life mountain biking, because she learned so much in the process and felt so accomplished at the end.

Carolina previously worked as the assistant to the curator at the Middlebury College Museum of Art, and as a museum tour guide with the curator of education. She is also an avid mountain biker and racer, and loves the great outdoors. She loves teaching and learning, and greatly enjoyed her time helping people in the digital media lab.

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Carolina is now working as a business immigration paralegal at Chin & Curtis in Boston, Massachusetts. Considering a career in law, she is working to gain on-the-ground experience at a law firm, and hoping to make a difference through her work.
We asked her what she would like to share about her time as a tutor and here’s what she wrote:

“I cannot say enough about the DMT program. It gave me a highly varied and greatly valuable arsenal of digital skills, which are greatly sought-after in the post-graduate world. I have been able to integrate and apply these skills into every area of my life, from museum work to the legal world. Being a DMT was the best and most rewarding job (not connected to my major) that I had at Middlebury, and I am so grateful to have had this opportunity. “