Athraa Yalda ’15

Athraa Yalda '15
Athraa Yalda ’15

Athraa Yalda was a chemistry major at Middlebury and worked as a digital media tutor from the Spring of 2014 through her graduation. Athraa then returned to the program in a staff position during the summer of 2015 to help supervise the new tutors. While working as a digital media tutor Athraa assisted in the first iteration of an online Italian workbook in Moodle, she also tutored faculty in their usage of video editing software to create flipped classroom videos, and helped faculty create course web sites in WordPress and Moodle.

When Athraa returned to the program in the summer of 2015 she was able to exercise her leadership skills by working with the other tutors in a supervisory position where she organized schedules, lab tracking, as well as serving as a technical resource to tutors new to the program. Here’s what Athraa had to say about the DMT program:

“It was one of the smartest decisions I made at Middlebury College . Before I joined the program I had no idea how to use simple software. The Digital Media Tutor program didn’t only teach me new things, but encouraged me to pursue more developed skills and eventually to be a supervisor. Although I am not using all the skills I gained from the DMT program at my post grad job (research associate at a biotech company, illumina, in San Diego doing DNA extraction/analysis) I still benefitted from the media lab work dynamic, such as trouble shooting and team work.” 


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