Arturo Alviar ’15

Arturo Alviar '15
Arturo Alviar ’15

Arturo Alviar ’15 worked for the digital media tutor program from the spring of 2014 up until his graduation in May of 2015. His technical expertise and interest in Javascript and CSS was a great asset to the program. (Arturo’s expertise is demonstrated nicely in his eportfolio here.) As a digital media tutor Arturo helped faculty create personal web presence sites using WordPress, he tutored faculty on video creation tools to create flipped classroom videos, and investigated online visualization tools.

Here’s what Arturo had to share about the program:

“One of the many things I loved about the tutor program was that it opened the doors to the world of design. The DMT program allowed me to familiarize myself with design tools and work with people on creative projects. Since being a part of the program, I have become well acquainted with the field of design (specifically to the web).  When I worked as a UI/UX Designer @ Bent Pixels, I used the knowledge I gained during my time in the DMT program to create something I am proud of.”

Arturo is currently working as a front-end developer at VDSLA.  He recently finished an internship at a company called Bent Pixels where he worked as a Product Manger + UI/UX Designer.

Arturo’s Project