Digitizing Performance Tapes

This project was assigned by Christal Brown from the Dance Department. She is trying to archive all footage from her past performances into one YouTube channel in order to create a highlight reel. Over the course of the summer I digitized over 50 tapes of her performances, named them and organized them into a cloud storage drive. After that I moved them to a YouTube channel where they now reside. The next steps are now to help her with editing and finding a better way to organize that footage.

I used El Gato video capture in order to convert her VHS tapes to a digital format. Unfortunately, El Gato only captures live video, which means I had to monitor the digitization of the tapes. In other words, if the tape was two hours long, I had to wait 2 hours to digitize it. Over the course of the summer I managed to complete all the tapes and return them to her. Among her many performances, the most recent one had been “The Opulence of Integrity” which was performed in Middlebury.


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