CTLR Academic Forum Poster

I was assigned to create a 36″ by 24″ poster advertisement for the CTLR Academic Form. The poster was to display the services provided by the CTLR. I had not created a poster advertisement before, and I thought it was easy to make one as long as it displays the key information. Once I started the project I realized that making an aesthetically eye-catching, clear and concise poster is not an easy task. I also realized that making a poster like this calls for a great sense of imagination and creativity.


My first draft was more of an informational academic poster. I think this was because that’s what I have been used to make or help people with in the lab. The second draft was better but still it was blocky and needed to be revised. On the final draft I consulted Pedro who gave me some useful suggestions to organize the poster and also make it clear and concise. I removed most of the blocks and put a few images. The Symbol Library provided me with most of the tools I needed to make the poster, for example arrows that I connected to an illuminating orange circle. For the font I used Trajan Pro 3 and Verdana. I think the fonts were clear.

The images below show the progression of my poster from first to final drafts.

1st Draft 2nd Draft 3rd Draft 4th Draft