Digital Storytelling Series

One of the projects I took on this summer was creating a nature series for Professor Matthew Dickerson. I pieced together a digital storytelling project titled “The Importance of Public Lands and Wild Places”, using various softwares including Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Audacity. Using raw footage and narration recorded by Professor Dickerson and a few others, I edited three short 4-6 minute videos (as seen below)–the former two-part series filmed in the Wind’s River Range in Wyoming and the ladder in Glacial National Park.

Because I had little experience with video-editing or with Premiere prior to this project, I learned throughout this process how to not only effectively navigate Premiere but also to understand the aesthetics of video-editing. There was a learning curve on creating videos at first, but with time quickly became second nature to me. This project took approximately 3 months.

2-Part Series: 

Glacier National Park: 

*coming soon!

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