Lands & Lens WordPress site

I provided assistance for Professor Kirsten Hoving on her Lands & Lens WordPress site, linked below. When I took on the project, the site was already made and needed help with specific functionalities that would make it more user-friendly. Over the course of 3-4 weeks, I worked with Kirsten and Heather on gradually tweaking parts of the site. For example, I helped format the pages shown on the left. My main focus was the aesthetics of the page, both with the presentation of the artworks and its descriptions, which was formatted mainly through Photoshop. In order for the user to easily navigate through this site, we also added references throughout the site to direct unfamiliar visitors to see all the artwork (i.e. back buttons, widgets).

I had some experience with WordPress before taking on the project which made it easier for me to navigate Kirsten’s site quickly. Throughout the process, I used Adobe Photoshop and some background knowledge of CSS to help improve the look of the site.

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