Trout Downstream Website

This was my first project as a DMT the summer after my freshman year. It was a personal website designed for computer science professor Matt Dickerson in conjunction with his book release. He wanted to work with me to create this site that would  reflect the sections of the book that documented his fishing expeditions across the US.

This site (which can be viewed here) was created using the Middlebury instance of WordPress and later added to a domain and host of the professors choosing. There was a lot of personal CSS customizations and plug-ins used on this page to make it personal and quite separated from the original template (i.e custom menus, scrolling images, and color schemes). A custom banner was made in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. And an interactive map was also created to highlight specific locations referenced in the books. This site took approximately 3 weeks to build, and a couple of sessions of training so the professor knew how to keep the site updated in the future.

This was my first major WordPress project that really pushed me to learn more about the raw HTML and CSS associated with it, it definitely helped build my skill set in web design.Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 9.43.40 PM