Library Video: 5 Tips about the Library

Over the summer, Emily and Maggie worked on video projects for the library. Using Final Cut Pro, they created informational videos about various features of the college library.

This is an overview of the library facilities. It highlights several main locations in the library and gives a brief description of each location, with information on what each location is used for and tips on maximizing the use of each space.

To create these videos, we started with a rough outline, which we turned into a script. The script led to a list of voiceovers and video shots, which we then edited together in Final Cut Pro. At every step, we checked in with the library staff to ensure that the videos were an accurate representation of Middlebury’s library and library staff.

This process was a fun way to learn new things about the library that we hoped we could share with other students to make the library more accessible to student users.