Hemolysis Animation

This video illustrates the process of hemolysis, the path of hemoglobin out of a red blood cell when the cell membrane tears. The video was created as the first of two instructional videos for biology professor Vickie Backus.

In the still below, hemoglobin is represented as the red shapes located inside the cell. When a solute is introduced, the green circles marked ‘TS’, water molecules follow the solute into the cell to maintain equilibrium. The cell swells as a result, tearing the membrane, allowing hemoglobin to escape.

The video was made using Adobe Illustrator and Premiere. In Illustrator, the test solute, H2O, hemoglobin and other indicators were made using vector graphics. Then, these pieces were animated using Premiere’s keyframing functions and exported. The video is currently in use in Professor Vickie Backus’ course Cell Biology and Genetics.


Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 8.15.25 PM



Below is the full version of the video.