Russian Reader

In the summer of 2013 digital media tutor Samantha Moog ‘14.5 worked with Professor of Russian Tatiana Smorodinska to develop an interactive leveled Russian Reader site. The site would be

used as an online reader where the text would appear in three versions:

  • Retelling (beginners level)
  • Adapted (intermediate level)
  • Original (advanced level)

It includes commentary, vocabulary, exercises, and video segments. To provide the interactive ability for readers to hover over a word to see the definition Samantha located and requested activation of a WordPress plugin that provided this functionality. Samantha and Professor Smorodinska then set to work adding Russian content to the site.

Russian Reader site
Russian Reader site

At the conclusion of the summer Samantha created a video tutorial to explain how to use the plugin (below). This video was found by the plugin developer who then offered Samantha a job to assist providing documentation for their company.