Beyond Essentials 2b: Who is Welcome Online?


Facilitated by: Amy Collier, Associate Provost for Digital Learning & Sarah Lohnes Watulak, Director of Digital Pedagogy & Media

Thursday, Jan. 24th, 1:00-2:00, CTLR

While many lauded the Internet’s potential to be a democratizing space where all voices would be heard, the reality is that the Internet reproduces and in many cases amplifies inequality. In this session, co-hosted by the Office of Digital Learning and Inquiry, we’ll explore questions such as, Whose voices are privileged online? What are some of the systemic ways in which people are excluded from digital spaces? What are the consequences of being excluded from digital spaces? We will also identify small-move strategies for amplifying marginalized voices to increase inclusion online.

(Learn more about how to reduce bias and increase inclusion in online spaces by participating in theDigital Detox, an initiative to reduce the toxicity of our personal digital environments and how we engage with them.)

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