Introducing Crossroads & Midd Cakes

We’re very excited to announce that Crossroads will now be serving cupcakes from Midd Cakes! Midd Cakes is another student-run business on campus and we’re psyched to join forces to bring their yummy treats to you guys. We will be serving cupcakes starting TONIGHT (10/5)! On the menu: a pumpkin spice cupcake, perfect to pair with our brand-new pumpkin chai latte!


Introducing BUBBLE TEA!

Happy Spring, everyone! Spring is a time to break out the fun colors and new things so here at Crossroads, we’re celebrating spring by introducing BUBBLE TEA into our menu! Bubble tea, or tapioca pearl tea, is a tea-based drink with tapioca pearls that first became popular in Taiwan. We’re super excited to bring this fun and delicious drink to our café, and in four different flavors, too: green tea, black tea, mango, and coconut. Stop by and grab one today!

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 4.31.28 PM

Stoked for Sochi: THE GOLD MEDAL

Stoked for Sochi? So are we! In honor of the Winter Olympics, we’ve created The Gold Medal, a sweet-tooth satisfying caramel milkshake that’s sure to be a winner. And thanks to our friends at MCAB, the Gold Medal is ONLY $2 until the end of the Games! As you can tell from our barista Ricardo’s expression, this milkshake takes the gold.

photo (15)


Starting tonight at 5:30pm, Waffle Sundays are back at Crossroads! We are so excited to have a brand-new waffle machine to use, plus three different batters to suit all your dietary needs. Get your fix of warm and toasty waffles with oh-so-many toppings tonight!

classy waffles