Employee of the month


Alex Traxler ’16

Climbing mountains on her spare time and climbing new heights during work at Crossroads! Alex is definitely an outstanding employee who has worked very hard for this recognition and for the gift card that comes with it. (Alex, if you are reading this and still have money on the gift card I could really use a Dr. Feelgood or a London Fog.) Crossroads would like to take this time to give Alex the recognition she deserves for working hard during every shift and for always being around to lend a hand during the inevitable rush at the end of a shift. Keep it up!

I wonder who will be next :3

Exam Week Hours

It is exam week on campus and that means our hours of operation have changed a bit. We would like to take this time to update you all on our hours of operation for this exam week:
11:30 am – 8:30 pm
11:30 am – 4:30 pm

*Crossroads will be closed after Friday May 15th and will not reopen until the next semester begins.

Good luck on your finals!

Introducing Crossroads & Midd Cakes

We’re very excited to announce that Crossroads will now be serving cupcakes from Midd Cakes! Midd Cakes is another student-run business on campus and we’re psyched to join forces to bring their yummy treats to you guys. We will be serving cupcakes starting TONIGHT (10/5)! On the menu: a pumpkin spice cupcake, perfect to pair with our brand-new pumpkin chai latte!


April Employee of the Month: Kurt Alles!

Kurt is a senior feb from Great Barrington, MA majoring in Environmental Policy. This febby feb’s favorite Crossroads item is passionfruit coulis, a yummy fruit reduction that we add to some of our smoothies. Kurt is an institution here at Crossroads. Why? He is the last remaining member of the original server team from the first year we opened! You’ll know Kurt’s working when you can hear soul and funk music blasting in the café (Sunday nights, ladies and gents).


Congratulations, Kurt!

Introducing BUBBLE TEA!

Happy Spring, everyone! Spring is a time to break out the fun colors and new things so here at Crossroads, we’re celebrating spring by introducing BUBBLE TEA into our menu! Bubble tea, or tapioca pearl tea, is a tea-based drink with tapioca pearls that first became popular in Taiwan. We’re super excited to bring this fun and delicious drink to our café, and in four different flavors, too: green tea, black tea, mango, and coconut. Stop by and grab one today!

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 4.31.28 PM

March Employee of the Month: Jessica Kong!

Jessica is a junior from Oakland, CA double majoring in Math and Chemistry (whoa). Her favorite thing to make at Crossroads is a mango & strawberry smoothie. This is her first year working at Crossroads, which is perfect for a self-proclaimed foodie. In fact, this foodie goes through phases where she becomes obsessed with JUST ONE FOOD. Her past food victims include oyster crackers (thank you, Proctor), cherry tomatoes, and chocolate chips. Her current obsession: oatmeal with coconut flakes and raisins. What will she fall for next? Stay tuned to find out!

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 4.41.53 PM

Congratulations, Jessica!

February Employee of the Month: Jeanette Cortez!

Jeanette is a junior from Los Angeles, CA majoring in French with a double minor in Education Studies and Linguistics. She started her time in Crossroads as our cookie girl but has since become a barista. Her favorite drink on the menu is the dirty chai, partly because of its deliciousness and partly because she believes that all good things in life are just a little bit dirty. Another of her favorites is the Aztec spicy hot chocolate, which she says tastes JUST like the one her grandmother makes from scratch at home (we have the Cortez stamp of approval!).

Jeanette EOM

Congratulations, Jeanette!