Introducing First Research, a new industry research database published by Dun & Bradstreet.  First Research gives in-depth information for over 700 industry segments.  Its industry profiles include competitive landscape, products and operations, finance and regulation, regional and international issues and state profiles. To search this new database, go to our Research Databases page and find […]

Education Full Text and ERIC may now be searched together through the Education Full Text interface. When you connect to Education Full Text, select ERIC as well. Your searches will run in both databases, and provide you with abstracts and full text of journal articles as well as ERIC documents in PDF format.

Introducing GreenFILE a new environmental studies database from EBSCOHost. GreenFILE is an index to about 400,000 articles from magazines, journals and newsletters in the field. Like all of our EBSCOHost databases, GreenFILE is easy to search and provides abstracts and sometimes full text of articles. To search GreenFILE, go to our Research Databases page and […]

We’re pleased to announce that the library has a new subscription to Global Market Information Database (GMID) from Euromonitor International. You’ll find a link to this database on our Research Databases page. GMID is a vast resource of business intelligence on industries, countries and consumers. It supports a wide range of research, including international business […]

Here’s the latest news from Business Monitor Online: Expanded Business Environment Coverage Business Monitor International (BMI) is substantially expanding its coverage of business environments in emerging markets. The new enhanced content will be updated quarterly (as opposed to once a year previously) and will go into much more detail about practical investment risks, citing actual […]

If you are looking for journal articles and books in the field of translation studies, you’ll be interested in our newest database Translation Studies Bibliography.

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