Writing a paper is only half the battle. Putting together your footnotes and bibliography can take as much time as writing the paper. Here are some tips that might help…

Many of our databases have citation tools that can help. For example, when you are using Proquest, you can select articles and save them to a folder. When you click on cite, you can select from APA, Chicago, or MLA citation styles. (Proquest Citation Help Guide) PAIS International and Linguistics & Language Behavior Abstracts have similar features. If you use these citation tools, make sure to thoroughly doublecheck the references for accuracy.

We keep copies of all of the major citation style manuals – MLA (Modern Language Association), APA (American Psychological Assocation), Chicago, Turabian, The Bluebook (for legal writing), and Keys for Writers – at the front desk.

Some of the basics of citing sources are available on the websites for these publications. If your references are pretty straightforward, you might find what you need using the links below:


You can also get some good tips from these academic websites:
OWL at Purdue
Duke University Libraries


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