Recommendations from Christie…

For German medical texts, we now have:

Das MSD-Manual der Diagnostik und Therapie (Ref RC55.M415 2007)

A 2007 translation of The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy, it is 3607 pages of small print packed with up-to-date, detailed medical information and illustrations, all in German. You can use it in parallel with the 2006 English edition on which it’s based, available at RC55.M4 2006.

Also for German students and by popular demand, we finally have the latest edition of:
Duden: die deutsche Rechtschreibung (PF3146.D786 2006)

German, French and Spanish T&I students working with legal contracts might like to look at:

Standardformulierungen für deutsche Vertragstexte: mit Übersetzungen in englischer, französischer und spanischer Sprache (Ref KK1640.Z85S73 2004)
(Standard formulations for German contract texts with translations into English, French and Spanish)

This book is issued by the German Foreign Office and mainly applies to German contracts, but it has indexes and glossaries in the other languages and mostly deals with international organizations. It’s quite dense and worth looking at for the terminology legal formulations it offers in all four languages.


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