A message from Provost Sands: Dear Faculty, Staff and Students, This year we have again received notification that funding to support the Leslie Eliason Excellence in Teaching Award has been given to the Institute by Karen and Christopher Payne, good friends of Professor Eliason.  I am requesting nominations for this award from all of you. […]

Writing a paper is only half the battle. Putting together your footnotes and bibliography can take as much time as writing the paper. Here are some tips that might help… Many of our databases have citation tools that can help. For example, when you are using Proquest, you can select articles and save them to […]

The UNEP’s Atlas of Our Changing Environment represents the impact of human beings on the environment through interactive maps and photographs. OECD Environmental Outlook to 2030, available on Source OECD, looks at international environmental issues and policies with a focus on both OECD member and developing countries.   To find a link to Source OECD, go […]

Recommendations from Christie… For German medical texts, we now have: Das MSD-Manual der Diagnostik und Therapie (Ref RC55.M415 2007) A 2007 translation of The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy, it is 3607 pages of small print packed with up-to-date, detailed medical information and illustrations, all in German. You can use it in parallel with […]

Education Full Text and ERIC may now be searched together through the Education Full Text interface. When you connect to Education Full Text, select ERIC as well. Your searches will run in both databases, and provide you with abstracts and full text of journal articles as well as ERIC documents in PDF format.

Please join us in welcoming Monica Wilmot to the library team as our new Circulation/Interlibrary Loan Services Library Assistant. Monica worked at the UC Riverside Science Library while completing her BA in International Affairs. When you are in the library, stop by the front desk and introduce yourself to her.

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