Now that we are 4 weeks into the semester, paper deadlines, midterms and presentations are on the horizon. Lots of students are coming to the library to try to find a quiet table or carrel to study. Several students have expressed frustration to the library staff that they can’t find any quiet places to work. Here’s how you can help:

The front lobby and reference room are always busy. People come in to use computers to check their email and print papers, make copies, check out books at the front desk, or ask questions at the reference desk. It’s easy to forget that there are also students trying to study at the work tables in the reference room. We ask people to keep conversations at a low level in this downstairs area and be aware of fellow students who are trying to get work done.

The Fletcher Jones rooms behind the main reference room are meant to be quiet areas. The second floor is also a quiet area. Please help us to maintain quiet in these areas so that people can study. If you can turn your cellphone to vibrate while you are in the library, your fellow students will appreciate it!

Thanks for your help!


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