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Expanded Business Environment Coverage

Business Monitor International (BMI) is substantially expanding its coverage of business environments in emerging markets. The new enhanced content will be updated quarterly (as opposed to once a year previously) and will go into much more detail about practical investment risks, citing actual examples of occurring problems. Over the course of the first quarter of 2008, we are aiming to publish business environment reports for around 150 countries in the world, up from 57 previously.

The enhanced Business Environment content is designed to give subscribers a more ‘on the ground’ awareness of the practical difficulties that they will face when investing in the relevant country. All too often, positive headline economic growth figures and seemingly benign domestic political conditions mask the fact that foreign investors face considerable obstacles to achieving their objectives. Our enhanced Business Environment coverage will therefore fully complement our extensive coverage of macroeconomic and political risks.

The reports draw heavily from extensive research by the Country Risk team, and its findings are derived from multilateral institutions, local media reports, and consultations with on the ground sources and experienced investors.

Content Details

Complete details of new content; including:

1. The Business Environment outlooks are available for viewing on BMO. Just click on ‘Country Risk’, and then ‘Business Environment’. They will also appear in print form in the quarterly Business Forecast Reports.

2. Initially, some 60 emerging markets will be prioritised, to be followed by a further 90 states in the first quarter of 2008.

3. The structure of the reports is as follows: First, there is an overview of latest developments in all aspects of the business environment. The remainder of the report is divided into four sections, titled Institutional risks (covering the legal structure), Infrastructure risks (physical infrastructure and labour force), Market Orientation risks (foreign investment policy and the trade and tax regimes), and Operational risks (physical security).

4. We aim to have a total of around 150 countries’ business environments online by the end of March 2008. Thereafter, our Business Environment sections will be updated quarterly, although major developments will be covered as they happen.

If you’d like to learn more how you can use Business Monitor Online to find country economic and political risk ratings and reports and international industry forecasts, stop by the Reference Desk.


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