Weekly Reports

Weekly Report 9-5-17

Circulation Weekly Report
Date: 9/5/17
Name: Dan Frostman

• Items on reserve so far: 400+
• ERES pages created/restored so far: 50+
Highlights: (Progress towards Goals, accomplishments)
• No report
• Weeding has started!
Davis Family:
• DVDs shelf-read
• Vacuuming the M’s
• Entering EPAF’s for students
• Picked up BLWC books from Davison
• Kim learning ILL tasks, helping out
• Welcome email to Davis circ students
• Charged and inspected all cameras and camcorders
• Janine is back!
• Interviewing for circ sub position
• Some circ sub training
• Pulled WHD asset inventory for WHD backup
• Replacing fac/staff Macs with new ones
• Added USB-C dongles and chargers to collection
• Monthly stats and lists run
• Reshelving, including the last of the BL materials
• Weeding 2nd copy N’s, stockpiling for student project when stacks student returns next week
• Attended new faculty orientation
• Putting stuff on reserve for Fall!

• The inevitable return of the Academic Year