Happy Halloween Circ Students!

Remember to send in your favorite spooky film choice (although this is entirely optional).  Some of you may not even like horror films!  Oh, rats!  There are SO many good ones.  But if that is so, it’s OK, and you can dress up and go to a party over the weekend. Whatever you do, have fun (and stay safe) over the Halloween weekend, and thanks for your excellent help this semester.
Kudos to Brittany and Momo for generating Halloween fun and chills at the Circ Desk!!!!!!
Happy Birthday to our October student Circ staff members…you know who you are!!!


Hi all!

So, Brittany here on Janine’s account! Momo and I thought some love and smiles could be brought to the Circ Desk by some holiday cheer. Enter Mission Halloween!

Part I. Coloring!
We’ve taken coloring outlines from off-line, printed them, and left with highlighters for visitors (students, staff, faculty, townies, tour groups, anyone!) to decorate! If you have more art supplies (crayons, markers) you could bring during your shift and you’d be willing to let people borrow, that’d be awesome too! realistically, they might walk so that’s why we say only bring for use during shift.
As you’ll see, this is something we’re so excited people have embraced. Gotten lots of smiles and “this is awesome!!” during our short kick-off tonight. When you come in, if you wouldn’t mind taping up any that have been left in the “drop-off” tray, (scissors and masking tape are behind it) and encourage people to color now, or take one and bring it back! And print out more outlines if we’re running low (just google and print ones you think are cool!)

II. SCARY Movie List
If you haven’t sent your top scary movies to Janine already, please reply in comment to this post! We’re going to compile an awesome display with top movie recommendations 🙂

THANK YOU for being awesome. And hopefully this is something which will bring lots of joy and happiness and de-stress vibes!

9-22 Circ Meeting

General update:
2 carrels left at Armstrong; none at Music; 4 at Davis.
Stacks/shelving look good, thanks to student staff shelvers.
Next Wed. 9/29 is “Map Giveaway Day” at Armstrong; Carrie sent a note to various interested depts. Event will be set up at the Armstrong Circ. Desk.

Patrons are having difficulties accessing eres in recent days; reasons for this vary (wireless, on or off campus, etc). Docutek and Ezproxy are partially problematic; databases have to be customized. Issues are in the midst of being resolved.
Reminder from Morgan to get rid of double check-in process for ILLs. Use initials to notate check-in.
Write an “f” on a fax to show a fax was successfully faxed.

Keep 2 LCD projectors at Armstrong. Makes sense to keep more LCDs at Davis.

New students need to review orientation list and check with supervisors if there are questions. All LIS student workers need to review ILL rules/procedures.
Film issues: Tom Moran has requested “On Ego” to be transferred to an archival DVD for more access; Scott Witt will handle it. Film schedule is at the CIrc. Desk for projectionists-they appreciate the hard copy when they arrive for their dvd/vhs/blu ray pickups.

Sunday seems to be the busiest night at LIS, with several students asking why Wilson Cafe is closed. They pointed out there is no other place on or off campus to buy a cup of joe, which they need since Sunday is a heavy study night. Many students are here for 5-6 hours. Midd Express, Grille, Sama’s are all closed.

Three-sentence email practice is proposed; an LIS goal? It is entirely optional, according to Dan.
“Intro to Loan Rules” shown by Dan in Millennium; plenty of info under “admin, parameters, circulation.” Good stuff!

Readers’ Guide Retro

Armstrong  Staff

2 FYS classes will be looking at/for Scientific American (specifically, the 1960s in one class), which is only available in microfilm and bound for the earlier years.
  they might want to know that they can search the earlier issues via Reader’s Guide Retro