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Booked Equipment Shelf Moved Over to the Right

When you retrieve a piece of equipment in the cabinet, you will see that the spot for booked items are now on the right side for easier access. The conference phones are on the same shelf. The conference camera is … Continue reading

New Student Laptop Procedure

Since we have a limited amount of student MacBook laptops, (14 at Davis, 3 at Armstrong), and Dell PCs (6 at Davis, 9 at Armstrong), we can no longer allow student borrowers to take them out of the Davis and … Continue reading

New Equipment Arrives at Circ!

We are pleased to inform supervisors and student staff members that 12 near professional-grade hand-held camcorders (Canon Vixia R42 models) have been added to our inventory, as well as one additional very popular high-performance digital camera, the Canon Rebel T3i. … Continue reading

Congratulations to Circ’s New Students of the Month!

A well-deserved congratulations to the first Fall semester 2013 Circ Student Employees of the Month; Tiffany Park and Himi Kanaumi! Tiffany and Himi were nominated from the pool of all LIS student employees. While we realize that all of our … Continue reading

Equipment Review for Fall 2012 Student Circ Staff

Welcome back to our Circulation Student Staff members! To ease your transition back into the Circ swing of things, this is a quick reminder on the check in procedure for our media equipment items. No check in required: Do NOT … Continue reading