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Stats Week (11/11-17)

Here’s what you need to know. If you are working at the desk, and someone calls or comes up and ask you a question, record it on the website at go/zoho_circ. The categories are fairly self-explanatory, but let me know … Continue reading

Fiscal rollover complete

FYI, the fiscal rollover that moves all of the Year-to-date circs into the Total circs has been completed. Every item in Millennium now has a “last updated” date of 7-5-13.

Thanksgiving stats, 2012

Open: 8 hours Gate count (ins and outs): 345 Checkouts: 87 Checkins: 133 Averages, per hour: Gate count: 43 Checkouts: 10.5 Checkins: 16.6 Notes: Professor Dry fully supports us being open. Public Safety wants us to be open 24/7 even … Continue reading

STATS WEEK, Fall 2012

November 11th-17th, Sunday to Saturday. If you get asked a question at the desk (other than, “Can you get x for me?”, where x is something that we normally provide to patrons, like a reserve book), please tally it here: … Continue reading


Next Monday, Nov. 8th, will be the official, fully licensed, accept-no-substitutes start of STATS WEEK. “What does this mean for me?” you may be asking yourself. You’ve got some of nerve. But seriously. We stopped making you keep stats all … Continue reading