Shift Expectations – Required Reading!

Dear Student Employees,
Please read the following reminders regarding our expectations for you when you are at work.

Arrive on time, as scheduled.
Provide good customer service
Share the work equally with your shift partner – work together.
Check in with the supervisor on duty on arrival and at departure; tell your shift partner if you need to be away from the desk for a few minutes during your shift. Alert the supervisor if your replacement has not arrived when it is time for you to leave.
Put your Circ work first.
Respect the privilege of being able to do personal work.
Keep visits brief – plan your personal, lengthy, loud visiting for a time when you are not at work.
Turn off your phone when at work. Limit any personal phone calls while on shift.
Contain your stuff. Keep work areas tidy and professional looking.
Keep voices soft – our voices carry quite far!
Respect and maintain confidentiality of all library transactions and passwords.
Be attentive to the work and use good judgment.
Ask questions if you are not sure.
Eat chocolate and be happy.

Never leave the desk unattended.
Don’t let your shift partner do all the work.
Your Circ work is your priority – personal work is a privilege. Do not count on being able to use work time to complete time-sensitive, pressing assignments that require your full concentration.
Don’t eat full meals at the front desk – it’s hard to help someone with greasy fingers and food in your mouth – ask for a break if needed.
Don’t spread out your own stuff so far into work areas that it creates problems for transacting business.

Shift responsibilities:
Check-in with the shift supervisor.
Take the gate count.
Read the Circ Blog to stay informed.
Maintain accurate statistics.
Respond to the security gate alarm.
Provide accurate and efficient check-out and check-in of library materials.
Regularly check-in and accurately re-shelve returns. Take turns with your shift partner to process returns. Check that all returns have been checked in and re-shelved and that the returns work area is clear for the next shift.
Complete assigned tasks.
Look around you regularly throughout your shift – what needs doing?
Check in with the supervisor to see if there are any projects and assignments.
Allow time to process all returns before you leave.
Tidy your work area and leave it clean and organized for your co-worker.
Let the shift supervisor know when you are leaving.
Communicate any relevant information to your replacement and/or your supervisor.

A special thanks to you all for helping each other out by subbing for each other during the recent bout with illness.
Please stop by to chat about any concerns, any time. There’s usually candy in my office…:-)

How to ask for a sub for your shift

Student Staff Substitute Procedure
Send an original email to the appropriate student assistant distribution list
(A huge favor – please do not “reply all” to someone else’s request for a sub to ask for a sub for your shift – this gets very confusing when tracking changes to shifts)
o Main Library: LIS – Main Lib Circ Student Assistants distribution list
o Music Library: LIS – Music Library Student Assistants distribution list
o Armstrong Library: LIS – Armstrong Library Student Assistants distribution lis

Type your name, day, date & time (of the sub shift) in the subject field of the message (example – Elin needs a sub Thurs 9/24 2 – 4 pm)

Reply to all when signing up for a shift – so everyone knows it is now taken – you are now responsible for the shift

Check Outlook to confirm that the shift change has been recorded correctly on the master Outlook calendar

Important! If all efforts to find a sub fail, speak directly with a supervisor to alert them to the problem – as far in advance as possible

Many, many thanks! We rely very heavily on your support in providing front desk services to the College community – and it is critical to our operations that you (or your sub) are there as scheduled. 🙂

End of Term Reminders

A few reminders

Show up for your shift – on time
Prioritize Circ work when on shift
Look around to see who needs help and what needs doing
Keep up with returns – check in CAREFULLY – a missed check-in now causes problems for the borrower and LOTS of extra work for all of us
Work together to keep up with the flood of returns – quality first, but keep up with the flow as best you can
Set equipment aside until you have the time to CAREFULLY check for all parts, coil cables neatly back into the case; delete data and re-charge if needed, etc.
Keep your sense of humor 🙂
When you are not on shift – remember to sleep enough, eat well and laugh

Many, many thanks for all your good work – we know it is a busy and stressful time – and we very much appreciate your help during this busy time.