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Sundays at Circ

For the past eight years, I have been covering the circ desk on Sundays, either at Music or here at Davis. That era now comes to an end, and I pass the torch to Lexa deCourval. Starting Sunday, June 23rd, … Continue reading

Need a Sub? Include details in email subject field

STUDENT STAFF SUBSTITUTION PROCEDURE – listed below and also on the Circ Departmental wiki here. Thanks to you all for the good work you do, and for your attention to finding a sub when you are unable to be here … Continue reading

Welcome Back and Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Welcome back to Winter Term. Hope you all had a wonderful break. Please take a few moments and review your Winter Term work schedule and alert Dan or Todd to any schedule conflicts. Many thanks!

Stay Healthy!

The single most effective way to stay healthy and avoid the flu and other illnesses is to wash your hands regularly and frequently. There is a new Purell dispenser by the Main Circ returns counter. Please use this to wash … Continue reading

How to ask for a sub for your shift

Student Staff Substitute Procedure Send an original email to the appropriate student assistant distribution list (A huge favor – please do not “reply all” to someone else’s request for a sub to ask for a sub for your shift – … Continue reading