Two announcements

Nothing mind-blowing.

1. The upstairs (A-M) reshelving has been moved to the empty shelves before the A’s.

2. We now have three pairs of “headset with microphones” (if you’re searching in Millennium). They’re in bags in the drawer with the digital voice recorders. They are 1-day loans. Media services says they will get used.

Returns Returns Returns

stacks_smallIt’s that time of the year again. 🙂
Please take extra care that all returns are checked in carefully and sent to the right place for re-shelving. A little extra care at check-in will save us many hours of work searching and following up on materials that we missed at check-in. This is NOT the time to let returns pile up – please check-in all returns as they come in and share the fun with your shift partner! Carts will fill up quickly and require frequent trips to re-shelving areas. Please sort and spot check carts – look out for ILL/Nexpress, reserves, media, books in need of repair etc.

And speaking of re-shelving…lots of help needed! Supervisors, please assign students scheduled at the desk to re-shelving whenever possible.

Looking for extra hours?!
We can schedule extra hours for any student assistants interested in work and $$$. Please see Rich if interested. Hours are flexible – and you can listen to music while you shelve. Training/orientation will be provided if you have not had Stacks training before.

Recently Returned Areas – Overflow Reshelving

In order to accommodate the large amount of returns at this time of year we have designated 2 overflow areas for recently returned library materials – 1 on the upper level and 1 on the main level of the Main Library.
All recently returned library materials in A-N classes, and the oversize group, can be found in the upper-level re-shelving, first range of stacks at SW end of upper floor. Please note – this is a new area – not the shelves used in previous semesters.
Recently returned materials in the P-Z classes can be found on the Main Level in the regular re-shelving area -around the corner from the media viewing rooms.
Please be aware that materials in re-shelving areas are shelved in general alpha order, not in exact call number order.