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Research Desk during intersession

You won’t see librarians at the Research Desk again until Monday, September 8, but if the library is open, librarians are around! The go/askus page tells you how to find us. If you receive a research question, please don’t hesitate to refer it … Continue reading

Where’s the librarian?

We don’t have Research Desk hours until fall classes begin. But librarians are still around! The go/askus page tells you how to find us: During regular hours, the easiest thing to do is to call x5496. That number rings in … Continue reading

Research Desk this Friday (Spring Symposium)

In order to allow librarians to attend the Spring Symposium this Friday April 19, we have reduced our Research Desk hours. We recognize that some students will be doing coursework in addition to attending presentations throughout the day.  So, students … Continue reading

How to find a librarian

We don’t have “Librarian on Duty” hours during intersession because we receive so few questions.  But we’re still around!  The go/askus page tells you how to find us.  Note that it now includes “Today’s Hours” in the sidebar! During regular … Continue reading

New York Times

The New York Times recently announced that it will start charging for online content.  If you haven’t been asked about it yet, you probably will be soon!  Our researchers want to know if the library has a subscription.  Read these … Continue reading