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Upcoming Research Desk reduced hours

Staffing the Research Desk will begin at 12 pm on May 2, May 7 and May 9 so that all librarians can attend the candidate interviews.

Ask a librarian – anytime!

The red sign is back!  As always, whenever someone has a research question, please don’t hesitate to refer them to a librarian.  At any time! Give us a call at x5496.  Whoever is available will be glad to come out … Continue reading

Visitors to the College – research databases

We love the Guests and Visitors to the College page!  It makes it so easy to provide answers about guest access.  We’ve just made a change to the page, and it’s significant enough that we thought I should make sure you’re … Continue reading

Ref questions at circ, especially re. music

We are trying to put together some reference tutorials, and we need to know what kinds of questions our patrons are asking. As you get asked questions – especially questions about music – can you please either comment below or … Continue reading

Want Free Money?

All you have to do is show up and hang out with Reference Librarian Steve Bertolino for an hour while he talks about Reference stuff and we will pay you for your time. This will be primarily geared towards Davis … Continue reading