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New procedure for cleaning Mac laptops on checkin

Following up on Nate’s email, there is now a new procedure for wiping the Mac laptops. It can be found in the wiki here.

Credit card machine (change in procedure)

In order to be PCI compliant, we need to lock up the credit card machine each night. So please unplug it and place it in the “keys” drawer before locking up. Obviously, whoever opens will need to plug it back … Continue reading

No more recalls on browsing books

After some feedback from patrons, I have changed the loan rule on Browsing books to not allow recalls. You can still place a hold, but the original patron will still have the full 28 days to return the item. The … Continue reading

Changes in P&P

See the message from Joseph below. The main change is that what is currently the P&P repairs shelf will become the “In Process” shelf and contain both items that need to be relabeled/repaired/rebound AND items that need to be re-cataloged. … Continue reading

Students borrowing conference phones

In the past few weeks Telephone services has received urgent calls from students who have borrowed a speakerphone to place a toll call. Unfortunately, they don’t have a TAC to do so. Students do not receive toll, long distance access … Continue reading