Departmental Procedures and Policies

Long-term laptop loans for students

I updated the equipment wiki page with the following paragraph. We should all try to be on the same page with this.

Long-term student loans

In the event that a student’s laptop fails and they need a long-term replacement, the student should obtain emailed permission (email from a faculty member or dean. The loan will be a Dell laptop and the loan period will be 2 weeks.

Importance of Wrapping Mac Charger Cords

This is a reminder to our veteran circ student employee staff members, and it will be news to our incoming circ desk students.

We need to wrap all of the Mac chargers with a loop at the top so there is no tension on the smaller cord. They are expensive to replace, and wrapping them without the loop will wear them down quickly, and then they are off to the electronic recycle bin. There is a poster on top of the Mac computer case which shows the way it is done.

If you have down time during your shifts, you can check the charger bins to ensure they are wrapped correctly.

Thank you, and welcome back to the circ desk!   We hope your summers were full of adventure!



New Student Laptop Procedure

Since we have a limited amount of student MacBook laptops, (14 at Davis, 3 at Armstrong), and Dell PCs (6 at Davis, 9 at Armstrong), we can no longer allow student borrowers to take them out of the Davis and Armstrong libraries. They have been continually overdue, resulting in zero laptops available for other students to check out. I understand that we did not advertise the fact that laptops could leave the library, but since we allow a 24-hour loan period, we did not restrict them to the building.   We are now restricting them to remain inside the building.

They will each have a sensor attached so they will beep if they pass through the sensing gates.

All student laptops will be confined to the interior perimeters of the libraries, meaning, they are:

NOT ALLOWED TO PASS BEYOND THE LIBRARY EXIT/ENTRANCE GATES of BOTH DAVIS and ARMSTRONG LIBRARIES. That is to say and to include, the Wilson Cafe and the Armstrong kiosk and reading lounge area as off limits. The loan period will remain at 24 hours for Dell PCs and MacBooks.

To be clear, the new rule is:

Secondary rule change: There will be a pop-up message (coming soon) to remind anyone checking in returned laptops to open up the machine to check the screen to see if it is broken, and if the machine is off, to please turn it on, then turn it off before placing it in the cart. More often the machines are on, so please turn them off and place in the cart. We are asking this so we are certain the laptops are in good working order upon their return to the Circ Desk.

Please direct any equipment questions to me, and I will gladly assist. You may also make your inquiries to your nearest friendly supervisor or to our fearless leader, Circ Czar Dan Frostman.

Thank you for your attention to these instructions and for your dedication to our policies! Now go our and have a great weekend.


No more recalls on browsing books

After some feedback from patrons, I have changed the loan rule on Browsing books to not allow recalls. You can still place a hold, but the original patron will still have the full 28 days to return the item. The hold will prevent renewals, as always.

Changes in P&P

See the message from Joseph below. The main change is that what is currently the P&P repairs shelf will become the “In Process” shelf and contain both items that need to be relabeled/repaired/rebound AND items that need to be re-cataloged. Hopefully, signage will be clear at circ.


From Joseph:
“I wanted to let you know that we’ve done some staff reorganization in Collection Services (CS) and starting Monday, Marlena Evans will be in charge of the Materials Processing Unit instead of me. She’ll supervise the student Processing Assistants, monitor the flow of materials through the unit, make sure new media materials are repackaged as needed, etc. I’ll continue to manage our preservation and binding program, supervise Ginny the Binding and Conservation Technician, and will be working more and more in Special Collections.

We’ve also made some adjustments in the way we would like to receive items from Circulation Services when they need to be recataloged, reprocessed, or repaired. From now on, please mark all items you’re sending down to Collection Services as in process, not “in repair” as you have routinely been doing. To remember this change, just think about the fact that the items are “in process” when you get them from CS, and when you send them back to CS you should return them to the “in process” status. Please put everything on the old oak cart in 134. Ginny will sort the items and forward things as needed to Marlena. This actually simplifies the process for Circ since you won’t need to think about which items go to which work group. As always, notes with the item like “label wrong”, “case broken”, “to oversize” are very helpful and much appreciated, whether they’re on a P&P slip or a post-it note.”