PDF printing issues at Armstrong.

Yesterday and Today Armstrong has had many students having trouble printing pdf’s.    What happens is when students go to print adobe is setting the default printer to “PDFcreator”.    The solution is to click on the drop down arrow  in the printer menu and select 203 k.     I have reported the issue to helpdesk, and will keep everyone up to date on any changes.

Guest Privileges

Highlights from the training meeting:
Guest privilege guidelines , and forms are available on the web and in hard copy at the Main Library. Due to budget and licensing parameters, not all services are available to guest users.
Guest printing is available for 10 cents per page. Guests must create a PaperCut account and use the designated guest printing stations.
Guest computing is available through the use of a computer generated daily password.
We welcome guest users, but our priority is to provide services and resources to students and faculty of Middlebury College.
Refer questions to a Circ supervisor.
Refer unresolved questions, concerns, or problems with library borrowing use and privileges to Elin.

Guest Printing

Please pass on any feedback, responses, comments you receive regarding the new guest printing policy.
The process in 4 easy steps:
STEP 1 – Create a PaperCut account on the Guest Print Station
Add value as needed after creating your PaperCut account
STEP 2 – Purchase a $5 PrintCard
Available at The College Book Store, the MiddExpress and the Wilson Café
STEP 3 – Select a Printer
Open the document to be printed (via personal email, CD, storage device or Zip Drive) and select printer
STEP 4 – Release print
Go to Print Release station adjacent to printer selected
Log in using your PaperCut account to print

Please read and review the guest brochure for details.

Guest Printing and Print Release Update

From Mary Backus, Director of User Services
I wanted to let you know that as of today (June 8), guests (Those who do not have a Middlebury network/email account) will be required to pay for printing in the library. They can purchase pay cards in the Wilson Cafe, as well as other locations, for $5.00. There is a brochure available at the Information Desk (and at Circ) which will guide guests through the process. Please review the brochure at the beginning of your next shift. I would suggest that whenever someone asks for the Guest password, ask them if they will need to print, and explain that there is a new policy and give them a copy of the brochure. You should also read the details of the procedures they will need to follow in this documentation:

When you have to answer questions about the new policy, here are the highlights to help you answer them:

Guests continue to be welcomed at the library, but because of rising costs and environmental efforts, PaperCut has been instituted.
This is for black & white only. Main Street Stationary and UPS Store should be suggested for color printing.
For this purpose, guests are those who are not current student, faculty, and staff such as (but not limited to) campus visitors, alumni, guest lecturers, and family members.
This applies to the public printers at the libraries only.

At the same time, LIS has rolled out Print Release Stations for all public printers on campus.
The release stations are simply a tool that requires confirmation of a print job at a public printer allowing the user to have better control over where and when they print:
Reduce printing of unnecessary and duplicate pages
Free-up printers as a result of timely and confirmed printing

Students, faculty, staff, and guests who print on the campus’ public printers will be required to acknowledge and release their print jobs at these stations within two hours of queuing.
Of course, print release will not be required at departmental or personal printers.
Thank you for helping to support this new policy, and if you have any questions or problems, please let me know.