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Penalty Points are back on for the semester

I re-activated penalty points today (we turn them off for the summer).

Penalty points are off for the summer

I’ve deactivated penalty points for the summer. That is all.

Penalty points are off for the summer

Just an FYI that penalty points have been turned off for all borrowers for the summer session. Keep that equipment as long as you like!!

Penalty Points are on

Starting today, penalty points will be active for reserves, equipment, and ILL books. Please check things in as soon as they come across the desk. Items found on the reserves shelf after they were due should be back-dated at check-in. … Continue reading

Things to remember now that penalty points exist

1. Check things in immediately – do not let items sit and pile up in the returns area 2. Change due dates on ILL items to match the green band 3. If someone’s account is blocked by penalty points, DO … Continue reading