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“Last Updated Date” in Millennium item records

We did the fiscal year rollover of circ stats and now ALL RECORDS in Millennium have a “last updated date” of July 2nd, 2014. Just in case you ever reference that date for searching or lists.

Fiscal rollover complete

FYI, the fiscal rollover that moves all of the Year-to-date circs into the Total circs has been completed. Every item in Millennium now has a “last updated” date of 7-5-13.

Pop-up messages in Millennium are blank?!

One of the bugs with Millennium running on Windows 7 is that some of the pop-up messages display as a blank window. If you drag one corner to make the window a little bigger, that usually fixes the problem.

New search feature in Millennium!

Tired of typing the same old search terms over and over? Getting carpal tunnel from too much typing? Good news! Millennium now saves searches in Search Holds! LOOK!