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Circ meeting minutes 8-28-2014

Present: Nancy, Rachel, Todd, Kim, Janine, Kellam, Dan Dan gave a list of updates that people should know before Fall: * update on the circ sub pool and possibilities moving forward * Print cash cards are coming back * Carrels … Continue reading

Circ meeting 5-22-14

- Dan gave a brief update on the FMMC equipment meeting he attended this week – nothing was decided and Dan will keep everyone posted. – Bike update: Bikes are done for the semester and will not continue over the … Continue reading

Circ meeting 4-17-14

- All agree that the LS dictionary display from last summer should be repeated. Dan will let Carrie know. – Dan gave an update on the bikes. An email will come out next week to all campus. At that point, … Continue reading

Monthly circ meeting 1-22-14

Present: Janine, Kim, Nancy, Shawn, Kellam, Dan Janine made a delicious cake to celebrate Kellam and her impending doom. leave. (sorry – impending just seems to be naturally followed by “doom”.) Dan reminded everyone about evaluations. Keep them short and … Continue reading

Post LS-wrap up with the students

Suggestions: 1. Do more education of summer students about printing, possibly add a “how to print” sheet to their arrival packet. (Dan will bring this up with the User Services Managers) 2. If the info desk is still in place, … Continue reading