main library front door

Exterior door alarms

Facilities Services and the Office of Public Safety activated the “local” alarms on the exterior doors. The alarms will sound when the doors are in card reader control (aka “locked”) but they haven’t shut all the way. There will be a local alarm sounding from an enunciator in the ceiling right above the doors. This is only for the exterior set of front doors, not the interior set.
So, if you notice such an alarm, make sure all the doors are pulled shut and it should stop.

Front Door Troubleshooting Tips

From Joseph:

Hi Library Circulation folks!

As you know we’ve had continuing problems with the front doors at the front of the library not unlocking properly. A few things to keep in mind as you cope with this problem–

– sometimes when the the program unlocks the doors the doors themselves do not unlock. when this happens the first thing to try is to exit the problem door using the crash bar on the inside. The crash bar sometimes pushes the locking pin up into the door and then it stays unlocked.

– if you push the door open with the crash bar and it’s still locked when the door is shut, then call Public Safety and ask them to send the doors through their lock and unlock cycle again.. then go back to step one and try the crash bar trick

– if the doors still don’t unlock, please put a sign on the outside of the doors that says “please use other door” and let me know about the problem. If you can’t reach me or if I’m away, then please send an email to both Public Safety and Facilities Services telling them of the problem, cc’ing me so that I know about it.

The above process is for when the doors have unlocked at the expected time but a few of the doors aren’t working right. If opening time has come and gone and all of the doors are still locked, that’s likely a programming problem not a hardware problem. When that happens please call Public Safety and ask them to unlock the doors and send me an email so I know about the glitch.