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New procedure for cleaning Mac laptops on checkin

Following up on Nate’s email, there is now a new procedure for wiping the Mac laptops. It can be found in the wiki here.

Circ Upgrade News: New MacBook Air & Dell PC Laptops for Faculty/Staff

       Zach at the Help Desk released the latest batch of laptops for our faculty/staff borrowers on Thursday. So far we have processed (into Millennium) 17 available Dell PC, Model #E6430 laptops.  Additionally, there will be 20 MacBook … Continue reading

We now re-image PCs when they get returned

There is now a procedure in place for wiping PCs of user accounts much the way we do for Macs. The procedure is posted at the counter, and can also be found in the wiki! http://mediawiki.middlebury.edu/wiki/LIS/Re-imaging_circulating_laptops Please make any future … Continue reading

Unable to login to Mac laptops

If you are having trouble logging in to a Mac, try this before sending it to the Helpdesk: 1. Login as loaner/loaner 2. Connect to Midd-standard (password: Middlebury-wireless) 3. Logout and back in as yourself

Mac laptops – Logging in and deleting

From the Helpdesk: We’ve seen several Mac loaner laptops over the past few weeks that wouldn’t let people in. Re-binding them to the domain usually fixes this. Nate recently added Mac loaners with Casper (which ought to be all of … Continue reading