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Loan rule weeds

For anyone who cares: Carrel keys and locker keys now have their own separate item types and loan rules. This will help us control renewals, due dates, bookings, etc. of each without them interfering with each other as they do … Continue reading

Install discs for Windows

There are two Windows install discs (one for Vista, one for XP) in the key drawer at the circ desk. These are ONLY to be checked out to Helpdesk students or staff. They will not show up in the catalog, … Continue reading

Spring Thesis Carrels @ Main

Hey everyone. Students are asking about how carrel signups will work this Spring, so I wanted to make sure staff and student workers knew what to tell them. There’s a couple of major changes, but we think people will like … Continue reading

Some items can’t be returned anywhere

While most items can be returned at any of the three branches, there are some items that can only be returned at the location where they were checked out. These items include: ALL EQUIPMENT KEYS If someone returns one of … Continue reading

1, 2, 3 … and now 4 and 5: Keys for equipment storage units

To accommodate our ever-expanding equipment collection, we’ve moved several items into the storage units across from Doreen’s office. (The items, so far, include computer speakers, extra headphones, the minidisc recorder, and the new keyboards). I figured it’s time we started … Continue reading