NExpress Returns

A reminder about workflow for Middlebury materials that have been out on loan to our partner NExpress Libraries.

Main ILL staff:
Unpack and sort (boxes come from libraries with mix of ILL and Nexpress materials; incoming loans for Midd and returns to Midd)

NExpress returns:
Check in by ILL Lending staff
Deliver to Circ on “Nexpress Returns” cart for check-in by Circ staff

Circ Students, check in process:
Remove Blue NExpress bands (and recycle)
In Mill Circ – check-in mode
Scan barcode – message will say” Item has status OFF CAMPUS and has been cleared”
Click on OK
Items for transit to branches – no need to print transit slip, unless to be held for another borrower
Sort to re-shelving areas and branch hold/transit shelves
Return cart to ILL work area

Retrievals – Paging Library Materials

Retrieving library materials to fill requests for NExpress, ILL, MiddCampus, Davison (Breadloaf), Mills (California) etc.

Main Stacks:
In the absence of Stacks, ILL will retrieve; if ILL unable to pick up by 2 pm, Circ will retrieve

Pick up Midd (including Mills and BL/Davison), ILLiad and NExpress paging slips X2/daily from red NExpress cart early morning and early afternoon
Books, etc. – retrieve materials from shelves
Browsing DVD’s – retrieve case; pull DVD from sleeve; visually inspect for damage; clean/scan only if needed; insert in case; deliver to ILL Lending Office
Fold NEXPRESS notice lengthwise (name of patron face out) and place inside book or item
Deliver all paged items to Lending Table in the ILL Lending Office for sorting to appropriate carts by an ILL supervisor
ILL – processed by ILL
NExpress – processed by ILL (with CIrc as back-up)
MiddRequests (including Mills, Davsion, Music, Armstrong) – to Circ
MiddRequest and NExpress – if not found on shelf, write “NOS” on paging slip and give directly to Circ supervisor to cancel request (in Mill Circ – Search/Hold Mode)
ILL – if not found – write NOS on slip – deliver slip to ILL Lending Office
Fri afternnoon, evening and weekends – retrieve NExpress, ILL and Midd requests as staffing and activity levels allow
Circ – check cart for paging slips after 2 pm daily

Recalls – Changes to Web Requesting

In order to improve customer and requesting services, we have recently made a change to web requesting parameters. This change will only affect requests on items that are checked out. If an item is currently checked out and a Midd user places a hold request – the system will not recall the item from the current borrower. A hold request will prevent a renewal, and the item will be held for the requester when it is returned, but the original due date is retained.
If an item is needed sooner, we recommend NExpress. If the item is not available on NExpress, we recommend ILL. If an item is not available via ILL, Circ staff can place a recall through the Mill Circ client – after ascertaining that the item is not available through NExpress or ILL.

ILL/NExpress Renewals?

Just a quick note about renewals 🙂

NExpress (blue bands) loans can be renewed up to 3 times.
ILL’s (green and pink bands) can be renewed by request to the ILL Office – ask borrowers to email (or simply forward their “about to be overdue” courtesy library notice) to to request a renewal.

Overdue materials will require a supervisor override.
As always, please refer requests for extensions beyond these rules to a supervisor.


NExpress and ILL Due Dates

NExpress – blue bands – write due date on blue band at time of check-out
ILL – green and pink bands – adjust date in borrower record to match due date on band at time of check-out
ILL – pink bands – Lib-use-only – must be used in the library and kept on Circ hold shelf; check out to borrower when requested; when checked in, shelve on hold shelf until due date on band expires.

What do I do if there are no ILL or Reserve staff around?

For Circulation Supervisors:
For ILL issues, email the ILL mailbox at and copy the library circulation mailbox
For Reserve issues, email the Reserve Office mailbox at and copy the library circulation mailbox
Always copy the library circulation mailbox.
Always include details and specifics of the question, issue or request.