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Reminder about pink ILLs

When a pink-banded ILL is returned, please check it in and place it back on the hold shelf. Circ staff will clear these when the due date has passed. These items are in-library use only, so patrons cannot take them … Continue reading

ILL due dates over the break

Millennium will not let you set any due dates beyond December 17th, so for ILL books with dates after the 17th, please make them due January 7th.

Message on ILLs

Starting today, any new ILL books (not the ones currently on the holdshelf) will have a pop-up message reminding you to change the due date to match the date on the green band. Please do what the computer tells you … Continue reading

All you ever wanted to know about paging and retrieval

As you have all noticed by now, paging and retrieval is in full swing! Lots of questions yesterday about correct procedure for processing, so here is a (not so) brief overview, all you ever wanted to know about paging slips! … Continue reading

Pink Bands, Blue Bands, Green Bands Oh My!

The different colored bands around library materials that we borrow from other libraries can be really confusing! Each color has to be handled a little differently. Here is a Quick Guide to What Each Color Band Means: Green Band = … Continue reading