Browsing DVD tips

Hey everyone. I’ve been doing a shelf-read of the Browsing DVDs this week. There weren’t many errors I found, but the few I did were, as Elin would say, “very creative,” so I wanted to mention a few things to keep in mind when shelving Browsing DVDs.

1. If a DVD is not inside the case, do NOT check it in. Rather, give it to a supervisor on duty and they will email the patron who had the movie and ask them to return the DVD.

2. Make sure it’s actually a Browsing DVD – it will say “Browsing Media” on the cover of the case. A few of the discs in the Browsing section actually belonged to DVDs in the Media Collection.

3. When you put away a disc, please check to make sure the sleeve is in call # order in the bin. Look a couple sleeves before and after it to confirm.

4. A number of our Browsing movies have multiple discs. Please make sure, when checking them in or out, that you can account for every disc a set should have.

Thanks for your continued efforts! Enjoy your winter break!

Browsing DVD mix-ups with trilogies

A reminder to please take care with our browsing DVDs that are part of a trilogy (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, basically anything that Harrison Ford has starred in …). The call # on the case must exactly match the call # on the sleeve. Recently we’ve had several mix-ups where the part 2 DVD has ended up in the part 3 case, causing plenty of confusion for us. And just think of our poor borrowers, who thought they were going to watch furry Ewoks dancing around, but instead are forced to relive the heartbreaking moment when Han is frozen in carbonite.

Reserves and Media Collection Shelf Reading!

A new clipboard (how exciting!) has been created at Main with a breakdown of assignments for shelf-reading the book reserves, media reserves, and media collection. It’s being kept where all the other clipboards are kept (how enterprising!)

Supervisors are welcome to start assigning section to students on shift. You can go in order or hop around to especially troubled sections. Have the students add the date and their initials when they’ve finished a section. Any questions, just ask. Thanks, everyone!