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Shawn’s conference report

After getting bumped, driven down to Albany, New York from Burlington, Vermont, leaving the next day because of leaking oil into the engine and debris on the Chicago, O’Hara Airport runway, I made it to the beautiful capital, Madison, Wisconsin … Continue reading

NERCOMP student management summary

From Shawn: The NERCOMP workshop, Student Empowerment – Enhancing the Education of Students Through Practical Job Opportunities was set in a lecture-like class room similar to one of our smart class rooms. This would be the 2nd time I have … Continue reading

Bowdoin site visit by Todd

Bowdoin circulation November 18, 2012 notes from meeting with Library staff Bowdoin Library is a 70’s style building attached to the old library building. Much like Starr was, it’s not air conditioned and the stacks are spread throughout the building … Continue reading

Conference report by Kim Gurney

Conference: Unlocking the 21st Century Library Atlanta, GA, Nov. 8-10th, 2012 The conference started off with Warren Graham talking about library security, an ever increasing concern in public and academic libraries across the country. He advocates simplicity, clarity of rules, … Continue reading

Access Services Conference – Atlanta GA

Valuable information was gathered at the recent Access Services conference held at Georgia Tech. Learning various customer service styles and techniques utilized in libraries ranging from student populations of 2,000 to 48,000 was eye-opening. The major takeaway was how change … Continue reading