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Carrels for J-term

If anyone comes to the desk asking for a carrel, go ahead and check it out to them. Assuming, of course, that they are ptype 6 (Thesis ALL). If they are not, please have them show you their Banner registration. … Continue reading

Carrel and locker keys new loan rules

All carrel or locker keys checked out after today should have an automatic due date of August 15th. Let me know if you notice any deviations.

Loan rule weeds

For anyone who cares: Carrel keys and locker keys now have their own separate item types and loan rules. This will help us control renewals, due dates, bookings, etc. of each without them interfering with each other as they do … Continue reading

Carrel check-ins

As carrel keys start getting returned, please DO NOT check them in without first finding the carrel check-in clip board (between Kim and Janine’s desks) and actually going to the carrel and making sure it is cleaned out. If there … Continue reading

Carrel Keys in MIDCAT

In preparation for online booking in the fall, the carrel keys appear a bit differently in MIDCAT (and Millennium). They have been separated according to where they are in the library (Upper North, Lower South, etc.) and each has a … Continue reading