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Billing inquiries

There have been a a few instances recently of patrons who have been billed asking about the status of their accounts. When I move charges to their college accounts, I remove those charges in Millennium, so it appears as if … Continue reading

Lost & Paid – Clear It?

If you get the message/prompt “lost & paid – clear it?” at check in, it is OK to respond “yes” and proceed with check-in. Please ask the borrower to contact me at waagen@middleburu.edu to request a refund. Any item with … Continue reading

Questions about Library Bills and Lost Library Materials?

This time of year we usually get many questions about missing, lost, damaged and “long lost and found again” library materials at the front desks. Please refer all questions about billing and refunds to me. You (and the borrower) can … Continue reading

Bills and Refunds

A quick reminder about library bills and replacement charges. Borrowers may clear their account by paying the replacement charge at any of the branch libraries by cash, check or charge – or by returning the overdue materials. They may also … Continue reading