Vermont Summer: State Historic Site Passes at the Circulation Desk

Take a mini-vacation to visit Vermont historic sites that stretch the length of the state. Ranging from prehistoric encampments, to pivotal Revolutionary War sites, to the homes of U.S. presidents, Vermont’s historic sites chronicle the development of a state, its people, and the nation around it. Explore backroads and byways to discover Vermont’s history.

The Circulation Desk at Davis Family Library offers a three-day pass to college staff, faculty and students.

Additionally, we have a three-day ECHO Pass on the waterfront in Burlington. $7 dollar admission per person valid up to 4 guests.


Books on display at Davison

There is a group of (mostly) browsing books and a few novels from the regular stacks that are up at Davison as a sort of mini browsing section. They have a status of “on display”, but to ensure that they get back to where they belong, we did not change the location, so they still show up as being int his building. So if you are looking for a book and it says “on display” and it is not a foreign language material, there’s a good chance that it is up at Bread Loaf. We can get them back down here within a day, if needed.