Slighlty updated procedure for cleaning Mac loaner laptops (fac/staff)

Upon check in, log in as yourself
In the upper right corner, click on the magnifying glass to search.
Type in Self Service, then enter
It should default to “Loaners” (in the menu on the right), and there should be three items in the folder. (Adobe, Express delete, and OS). Apply all three things.
Shut down the computer

Carrels for J-term

If anyone comes to the desk asking for a carrel, go ahead and check it out to them. Assuming, of course, that they are ptype 6 (Thesis ALL). If they are not, please have them show you their Banner registration. If they are signed up for a 500+ level class in J-term or Spring, change them to ptype 6 and check out the thesis carrel.

3-day equipment loans

Starting now, all camcorders, digital cameras, and tripods have been changed to a 3-day loan for all borrowers (from a 1-day loan, previously). That is all.

Camcorder surveys

You will notice a slip of paper in the camcorders when they get returned. This is a survey we are conducting. If the paper is filled out, please put it on my desk and put a new one in (from Janine’s desk). If it is not filled out, please leave it in the case. Thanks.

Weekly report 12-16-14

Circulation Weekly Report
Date: 12-16-14
Name: Dan Frostman