3 things to know

1. Requesting is getting turned off at 5 pm Thursday. No more need to run paging slips after Thursday.

2. The fac/staff Mac loaner laptops have a new icon in the self service section called “Office for Mac” (or something like that). Ignore it until further notice.

3. In case of emergency (as defined by your own discretion), the paper and toner for the plotter in Wilson Media Lab is stored in the closet next to 201. Helpdesk students and DMT’s should know this, but they may not remember.

Vending machine reimbursement

We now have separate bags for the vending machine reimbursement. The Canvas bag that we have had is for snacks (upstairs) and coffee (outside of Wilson) and the new blue bag is for the Pepsi soda machine (outside of Wilson). Procedures stay the same, just make sure you take from the proper bag. Because, you know…we like things more complicated. Documentation updated.