Circ meeting 3/9/17

Reviews done – YAY!

Kim talks about skimming
We don’t do enough business to make it worth it.

Procedure for when a laptop goes missing/stolen: Create a helpdesk ticket and it will eventually get routed to the people who can help.
More specific procedure to come, but until then, just have them create a ticket.

Guest printing – cheat sheet at both circ and Walk-in.
None at Armstrong – send them to Davis

Need to make a “how to logout” sign for the printers. Janine may do that.

Nexpress dying May 1st. We’ll need to do some website cleanup

Armstrong door alarm not working
Front door isn’t closing well
Lockbox is working well for Armstrong

Summer students at Armstrong – have 2 before and after, but still need some

Printer in ILL will be replaced 3/15 (pending snowstorm)

Equipment reminders to circ staff members (including subs)!

This is a reminder to avoid making extensions on our equipment loans, including laptops. We need to keep the due dates as they are, so we can circulate these items to other patrons. Digital cameras, camcorders, laptops, and iPads are part of this inventory. Due dates need to be honored, so please do not change them.

We can certainly loan out the student Dell PCs and chargers for two weeks to students with laptop issues, such as  a crash, theft or a break.

We can also contact the Help Desk for specific media requests. They can loan out longer-term laptops for those who need that assistance.

Thank you for all of your work and for your attention to this topic.