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Compact shelving deactivated

The compact shelving in the center section of the main floor of Davis has been deactivated as it is not sensing people in the aisle. So rather than squish someone inadvertently, we have shut down the units and put up … Continue reading

Microfilm machine documentation

With thanks to Rachel… The basic training materials for the new Microform scanning machines are now available on-line. go/Microform – Quick guide for using the new Microform Scanners and software    go/microfiche – Quick guide for using the new Microform … Continue reading

How to find foreign language music CD’s

If you are looking for foreign language music CD’s, here is the best way to do it. 1. Go to go/subsplus 2. Select the language you want (from the Subject drop-down) 3. In the right hand column, near the bottom, … Continue reading