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Weekly report 10-6-15

Circulation Weekly Report Date: 10-6-2015 Name: Dan Frostman

Weekly report 9-29-15

Circulation Weekly Report Date: 9-29-15 Name: Dan Frostman

Circ meeting minutes 9/24/15

* Dan gave update on carrel situation (about 60 still available). Will open to juniors and seniors Monday. * Update on panic button estimate * Microfilm machine is acting up again * Kim reports the students are good, the schedule … Continue reading

Can we do this at the entrance to the Library?

Maybe with withdrawn copies? Or commission a sculpture, if safety is an issue? http://i.imgur.com/JNAGps8.png

Weekly report Carrel Day edition

Circulation Weekly Report Date: 9/22/15 Name: Dan Frostman