Weekly report 10-23-18

Circulation Weekly Report
Date: 10/23/18
Name: Dan Frostman

• Nothing interesting
Highlights: (Progress towards Goals, accomplishments)
• Fairly busy but not much to report
Davis Family:
• Scary movie display up and being used
• Mon and Tues nights especially busy
• Managed to survive a week (so far) without Kim. Will be glad to have her back Thursday
• Lots of subbing happening on weekends
• Text message poster and blog post went up
• Will start taking evening gate counts
• Shifting PG’s
• PN multiple copy weeding
• Returns steady
• Ordered 7 more thesis carrel locks to be replaced
• Submitted space/capital requests for Davison
• Having conversations with DLINQ and ITS re. BL report/meeting
• Continued work on Davison permanent collection

• Non-reserve books and DVDs shelved on reserve
• Higher than usual number of things not getting checked in

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