Weekly Report, Carrel Day 2018

Circulation Weekly Report
Date: Carrel Day edition, 2018
Name: Dan Frostman

• 95 carrels booked or checked out by 10 am
• 101 carrels still available at 2 pm
• 70 course pages in ERes
• 800+ items on reserve, plus 40+ ebooks
• Waiting on 30 recalls for reserves
• 850 emails processed for Fall reserves
Highlights: (Progress towards Goals, accomplishments)
• Lots of plotter use
• Finalizing student schedule – will probably hire two more students
• Lots of troubleshooting and running around after the power outage
• Some student training
• Some reserves still coming in
Davis Family:
• Carrel day has been going smoothly after a brief flurry and panic at 8 am
• Semester started with a bang – lots of activity at the desk
• Training new students
• Still hammering out final student schedule
• Working on MIDD-MIIS merger doc
• Changed a lot of seniors to thesis status in the past week
• Trying to winnow number of techs in WHD for licensing costs
• P-shift continues at a good pace
• Fall stacks student schedule set
• Returns continue to be strong
• So many reserves

• Online course catalog search function is broken again
• DVD accompanying reserve personal copy book is missing
• Screener didn’t show up for screening last night – Carlos to the rescue, but faculty was upset and emailed Deans…Media services is revamping procedures and will be in touch
• Carrel keys not replaced/fixed by Carrel Day (list was submitted to facilities in June)
• 2-time zone “fix” in Sierra prevents any bookings after noon. III working on it.

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