Weekly report 9-11-18

Circulation Weekly Report
Date: 9-11-18
Name: Dan Frostman

• Items on reserve: 743
Highlights: (Progress towards Goals, accomplishments)
• Reserves coming in
• Monthly circ meeting
• Searching missing book list
• Lots of posters being printed
Davis Family:
• Safety Shortcut doc created for circ
• A few pieces of equipment ordered for circ
• Helped freshmen get signed up for classes
• Pulling for Kellam
• Staff council meeting
• “Pot Party” in courtyard
• Attended Garden Party
• Carlos picking things up quickly
• Monthly circ meeting
• Placed 3rd in faculty staff gold tournament
• Shifting PNs
• Will set Fall stacks student schedule this week
• Pulling multiple copy J’s
• Returns are strong with students coming back
• Prepping for carrel keys
• Shifted Ref N-Z
• All reserves

• Armstrong student schedule was good – now they’re dropping like flies
• Email failure caused all kinds of problems (reserves, calendars, etc.) Largely fixed now
• Online booking is not working in MIDCAT – working with iii
• Course catalog search was broken for a while – also fixed now

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