Weekly report 7-24-18

Circulation Weekly Report
Date: 7-24-18
Name: Dan Frostman

• Web requests so far for July: 517 (that’s more than 21 a day!)
Highlights: (Progress towards Goals, accomplishments)
• No report, but I assume it’s still standing
Davis Family:
• Dan back
• Scrambling to cover all the open weekend shifts
• Bike situation has improved somewhat
• No major events while Dan was gone
• Working with Ryan on shifting Gov Docs in preparation to shift PC-PN
• Lots of shelving going on
• J-K list ready to weed (second copies)
• Working on BLWC lists – a list sent to ACQ
• Meeting scheduled with SCA and BLSE admin re. possible archival donation to Davison
• Finalizing MIIS/MIDD report with Kristen

• Confusion (but no problems) over Chinese screenings – seem to be on the same page now
• Emergency exit alarm outside of Spec. Coll. Still isn’t working right

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